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---- in the air of Japan and everywhere in the World ----

On 11th March 2011 a terrible earthquake/tsunami hit Tohoku area, nothern part of main island Japan. 15,884 killed and 2,640 still missing (as of 10 Jan 2014).
After the disaster, whenever I see TV screen displaying blood-chilling scenes of that terrible earthquake and tsunami, I think "is there anything I can do for victims and afflicted people?", but actually I have done nothing except giving a small amount of donation.
One day when I was browsing websites, I found an article titled "Gaza kids grab kite-flying Guinness World Record back from China" which introduces an event of kite-flying at Gaza, Palestine held by UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). It says "The Games give 250,000 children across Gaza a much-needed respite from the difficulties of their daily lives."


Suddenly an idea came up to me
Make kites and go to the site on 3.11 to fly them with kids in affected area! Yes, I can do that.

Then I've got the second thought. It is definitely better to involve as many sympathizers as possible to hold kite-flying events. Guinness Record doesn't matter but more kites will be able to give bigger hope to more people in disaster area and make them "Chin Up". And fly-kites event could/should be held not only in affected area but also everywhere in Japan and, hopefully, in the world to give prayer for victims and show our solidarity to affected people.
So, I have started "3.11 Fly Kites of Hope Campaign" and opened this website to promote the movement.

Let us fly "Kites for Hope" again this year to exhibit our sense of solidarity to people in affected areas who are still suffering from uneasiness of daily life. I hope bigger number of people, not only in Japan but in the world, will join to this campaign because more kites will be able to give bigger hope to more people and make them "Chin Up". Since 3.11 will be Tuesday this year, better to hold kite-flying event either on 3.8(Sat) or 3.9(Sun) and around the time when the disaster happened which is 14:46.

Please pray with us and act with us. Spread the news to involve more people and TRY TO ORGANIZE fly-kites event with your friends AT YOUR PLACE. There is a lot of things you can for victims.

initiator : Akihiko Nara (

Places where "Fly KItes for Hope" event were held in last year

Sapporo, Bifuka (Hokkaido); Sendai (Miyagi); Souma (Fukushima); Utsunomiya, Asikaga (Tochigi)
Tamagawa, Machida, Hachiouji (Tokyo); Koufu (Yamanashi); Yokohama, Miura, Fuji-Kogen (Kanagawa)
Nagoya (Aichi); Wakayama (Wakayama); Takarazuka, Suma, Fukuike, Rokko, Awaji, Miki (Hyogo)
Naha (Okinawa)

Gaza (Palestine); Butapest (Hungary); Portland, Tampa, Pensacola (USA); Genoa (Italy); Otterspool, Liverpool(UK)

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